Boston Magazine identifies Boston’s Tech 30

According to a recent Boston Magazine article, Boston and innovation have a long, beautiful history together. “Our town was the birthplace of email, Facebook, and the computerized spreadsheet, of public schools and American higher education. (And while we’re at it, let’s not forget the microwave oven, the burglar alarm, and the disposable razor.)” In the […]

Looking through the Clouds to 2017

A recent article by David Linthicum* in InfoWorld peered into the future for the best cloud-related career opportunities and what he feels will be hot in 2017, and beyond. Here’s what David found….. Machine learning at cloud scale. Don’t simply add machine learning to your résumé — learn how to make machine learning work with […]

Contract Professionals in DevOps Environments…Making it Work.

A lot has been written about the challenges of migrating to a DevOps environment, but little about how contract professionals can fit—and thrive—in a collaborative development environment. Here’s a few guidelines (thanks to Communicate Ongoing communication can be even more difficult with external contractors, making it a very essential piece towards successful DevOps. Face-to-face […]

Four Opportunity Factoids Amidst the Clouds

Everyone loves to quote statistics on implementation and growth predictions for Cloud services and technologies. We spent the last few weeks compiling points we found to be the most interesting, and thought our readers would find them intriguing as well: According to RightScale 2016 State of the Cloud Report, Lack of resources/expertise is now the #1 cloud challenge […]

Benefits of Moving to a DevOps Model

DevOps is not just a buzzword anymore. Having only been around since 2009, it has quickly gained popularity and looks to have staying power in both start-ups and big business. The collaboration that takes place within a DevOps system allows for many benefits for developer and company alike. DevOps is a shift in ‘culture’ for […]

What Is Your Strategy On Legacy Systems?

Staying current with technology has always been a primary challenge for any IT executive. While keeping up with the latest trends in tech is critical, there’s an aspect of technology that some managers will tell you is just as important, if not more…Legacy systems. Legacy systems are typically found in more “traditional” business such as […]