Is Womenpower the Key to Solving the Looming IT Skills Shortage?

A recent article in the Economist, A blueprint for getting more women into information technology,  notes that Labor experts believe the number of vacancies in computing and information technology could easily top a million by 2020. “The number of young Americans graduating with qualifications in IT subjects is rising, but nowhere near fast enough to satisfy the burgeoning demand for their skills.”

The article suggests that the solutions to this problem is womanpower. “In autumn 2016, some 20.7m students entered higher education in America, of whom 11.7m were female. A minority will go into computer and information sciences, says the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) of Downers Grove, Illinois. Change that, and the industry’s staff-supply problem would evaporate.”

“This would, of course, require a serious cultural change, for the discouragement of girls from IT starts way back in their early school years, when children begin to internalize ideas about what they would like to be when they grow up. For young girls, however, negative stereotypes abound—in the home, on television, at school. Possibly the most damaging is the long-held (and erroneous) view that boys are somehow better at mathematics.”

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