Sandy Kontos

Director of Business Development

Sandy-KontosSandy Kontos, a company co-founder, brings 18 years of industry experience to her role as Director of Business Development.

Sandy’s clients benefit not only from her high standards of professionalism and distinguished professional history, but also from her keen intuition, dependable customer service, and signature good-nature. A consummate professional with a long and distinguished professional history, Sandy combines her keen intuitive ability to unravel complex problems down to their core elements with an innate charm and wit. The results for our clients are long, trusted and mutually beneficial professional relationships that deliver real business value.

Sandy came to Overture from the former Boston-based Belenos, Inc. where she served as senior recruiter. Prior to that she spent 6 years at the former Registry/Renaissance Worldwide in a variety of roles.

Sandy is a graduate of Bentley University.

Contact Sandy: SKontos@OverturePartners.comĀ